500,000+ patients trust us nationwide


At Athelas we're bringing simple, life-changing health care products to people around the globe.

The future of healthcare is at the home - we are a team of technologists building the next generation of medical products at the intersection of hardware and software. We won’t stop until we’ve brought the world class tools of a hospital to your home.

Our values

Relentlessly Resourceful

There is no task that is too big to solve - we will try to use every resource at our disposal to get the job done.

Extreme Ownership

We all take on serious end-to-end responsibility of products and services. Our teammates all pride themselves on being real owners within the company.

Patients Drive Product

We make our product decisions based on what’s best for the patients. Period.

Say Yes before No

As a team we always try to find solutions before saying no. As a company our goal is to create new products and services that drastically improve healthcare. That requires saying yes before no.

Embrace the Adventure

We love all the fun that comes with building companies and products. We all embrace the adventure of being here and are ready for whatever comes our way.

Collective Success

We focus on collective success as a team. We are great teammates to each other and great partners to our customers.

Meet our team

The Athelas team has built products that I find meaningful to sell. I’ve been treated like family and feel that Athelas invests in my future and challenges me every day to grow.
Athelas  makes it easy to be inspired to go to work every day; I am so excited to help build something that matters for patients and doctors.
Working at Athelas has been an incredible experience;  I’ve had the opportunity to grow both my engineering  and interpersonal skills very quckly. This is because Athelas enables engineers to truly be owners. ”
Athelas has helped me grow quicker than I could have imagined. I also love that my work is genuinely improving healthcare for people around the country.