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Athelas sends modern, cellular-connected devices to your patients, and manages all training, adherence, and support.


You see all of your patients daily vitals, and get alerted to any important trends.


Your reimbursements are automatically deposited into your bank account. Athelas handles all billing operations so there’s no additional work on your part.

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“Monitoring cardiovascular risk is insufficient; patients’ weight, blood pressure and fasting glucose and lipids should be assessed routinely.”
Volume 8, 114–126 (2012)
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The chronically ill are safer with remote monitoring

70 %
of SMI Patients remain unscreened and untreated for Cardiovascular Disease. 1
Metabolic conditions in people living with chronic mental illness are drastically undertreated, putting them at daily risk.
40 %
of SMI patients develop metabolic conditions and Cardiovascular Disease.
Diabetes and Long-term Hypertension and are among the most common conditions for SMI patients, but are highly detectable with remote monitoring.
25 yrs
of lifespan reduction is the average for SMI patients, due to untreated comorbidities.
Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of shortened lifespans, but early detection and treatment can meaningfully improve these outcomes.

Athelas Devices

Athelas One
WBC and Neutrophil % for Clozapine
Blood Pressure
Cellular-Connected Hypertension Monitoring
Cellular-Connected Diabetes Monitoring
Weighing Scale
Cellular-Connected Weight Monitoring

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Specialized RPM Programs
of Americans 65+ are affected with chronic illnesses.
of Americans 65+ are hospitalized due to adverse drug effects.
increased risk of chronic conditions in neurology patients.
reduction in re-admission rates from remote patient monitoring.
of pregnant women adhere to prescriptions, versus ~75% of general population.
increased chance of preeclampsia for every std. deviation increase in weight.

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Practices earn an average of $100K a year in additional revenue from working with Athelas.

Athelas Remote Monitoring Program

Many conditions can lead to hypertension, diabetes, and weight gain. These side effects reduce quality of life and affect clinical outcomes.

Athelas takes care of all logistics. You focus on clinical work.
Doctors select patients who require monitoring. Athelas takes care of shipping, coordinating, collecting the data, and all billing operations.
Earn Revenue for your services.
Review your patients’ monthly results. Average practices earn $100K in new revenue.

What doctors are saying

Athelas has been a game changer for our practice. Our providers can easily review patient data, and catch subtle changes in their health, leading to earlier care and better outcomes.
- Kristine Mangini NP, Coastal Ridge Health Services.
“I’m a doctor first and a psychiatrist second, so it’s my duty to safeguard my patients’ physical health as well as their mental health - Athelas helps me do just this.”
- Dr. Craig Chepke, MD. Psychiatrist, Excel Psychiatric Associates.

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