Introducing Athelas Scribe

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A free in-EHR, iOS, and Apple Watch tool for providers to transcribe appointments, generate SOAP documentation, and give you hours back in your day

Digital tools made for modern healthcare organizations.

Thousands of healthcare organizations use Athelas software to run intelligent medical billing, launch telehealth programs, and provide better patient care.
The image shows Athelas Insights Revenue Intelligence Claims Tab. Next to it is Athelas One. It also shows Athelas Scribe Transcribing a patient encounter into SOAP note documentation.

A fully integrated platform to modernize your healthcare operations.

Revenue Cycle Management
Remote Monitoring
Blood Diagnostics
Patient Engagement

Real end-to-end billing.
Submission to reimbursement.

Medical billing is old, antiquated, and frustrating. Athelas helps give freedom back to doctors through clear insights.

Get answers to the most important questions:

  • How much did I earn yesterday?
  • What’s my collections rate?
  • Where are my denials coming from?
  • You can see it all with Athelas Insights.
Athelas Insights dashboard containing information about the financial operating system of a healthcare group. Has information about AR and denial rates and payments.

Remote devices to monitor patients

Use Athelas Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) to monitor patient vitals like weight, blood pressure, and glucose from the comfort of your patients’ home. RPM gives you unparalleled insight into patient health.

Athelas manages billing, which maximizes reimbursements for your RPM program and makes the process nearly effortless.

Remote devices to monitor patients and earn money.

At-home blood testing and medication delivery as an all-in-one service.

The Athelas Home is a FDA-cleared device that eliminates the need for a venous draw. The device returns neutrophil and white blood cell count within minutes.

REMS integrated

Prescription delivery service

FDA-cleared for At Home and Point of Care Use

This image shows a finger blood test with the Athelas One,

AI transcription tool to save time and money.

Athelas Scribe is a state-of-the-art transcription service for doctors. Our automatic scribe allows you to record, transcribe, and synthesize insights from patient conversations in seconds.

Automatically transcribe multi person meetings

Generate real-time clinical documentation

Build automated denial appeals letters, authorization requests, referral letters, and many more

This image shows various tabs from Athelas Scribe, which uses artificial intelligence to augment the clinical documentation workflow for clinicians.

Powerful patient engagement at your fingertips.

Introducing Athelas Engage - your mission control for patient engagement.

Use our engagement platform to activate patients:

Email: Patient education, announcements

Texts: Patient surveys & satisfaction measurement

Phone apps: Patient journey tracking & engagement

Call specialists: Patient programs onboarding

Voicemails: Appointment notifications, no-show reduction

Rewards center: Adherence, positive behavior reinforcement

Powerful patient engagement at your fingertips.
Athelas builds digital tools for modern healthcare orgs.

Digital tools that work better together for:


Delight patients with tools for engagement. Athelas boasts a 65 NPS score - competing with brands like Netflix & Apple.


Access tools to help you focus on care, such as Auto-Scribe, a highly accurate AI scribe tool far faster than traditional scribes.


Remove busy work in administrative tasks. Our Revenue Cycle Management process saves admins hours of work each week.


Put your practice on the leading edge of value-based care with programs like RPM - which can save thousands of dollars in prevented hospitalizations.