Boost Payments, Faster.

Transparent, Automated, and Responsive.

Integrate with your Clinical System

Daily-one-way sync of all billing-related data.
+ 20 EHRs

Same Day Claims Submissions and Live Reconciliation

Athelas Rules Engine is a patented engine that analyzes every claim, and optimizes claim submissions payload to maximize reimbursement.

Real-Time Transparency, at Your Fingertips

  1. Get a 30,000-foot view of overall financials, or zoom into the individual claim level, with one click.
  2. Customize reports for the unique needs of your business.

Never Make the Same Mistake Twice

  1. Bulk resubmissions of denials and rejections, with stress tested solutions.
  2. Air tight submission rules created on the front end to avoid future denials.

Patient Payments - Set It and Forget It

  1. Text, email, and physical mail reminders on pre-set cadences.
  2. Payment plan via Affirm to get paid now, while letting the patients pay over time.
  3. Autodebit saved cards to maximize patient payments.

Continuous Product Evolution

  1. Harness power of AI at scale to answer any business question, within seconds.
  2. Auto solve denials based on historical approvals.
  3. Automatically summarize large amounts of text into desired formats.

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