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Speech Recognition

Engineered for a 3+ hour multi-speaker conversational setting. Background noise? No problem.

Tailored Templates

Import and generate nearly any medical form, such as PHQ-9, AUDIT-C, GAD-7, and PHQ-2, with robust and naturally structured output leading to more complete documentation. Easily turn recordings into SOAP, Denial Appeal, Prior Authorization, and Progress Notes.

Coding Recommendations

Generate CPT/ICD-10 codes from notes using fine-tuned LLMs, giving hours of daily productivity back to staff and preventing under-coding.

Accessible Anywhere

Use as a web browser companion, as an app on your mobile device, or in EHR systems.

Bottom-Line Results

Decreasing charting time by 90%+ and boost provider productivity by 21%.

Clinical Briefings

Integrate directly with your EHR to retrieve and synthesize patient information to brief the clinical team.


Generate the right note in the right format every time with organizational standard templates and formatting and a configurable and customizable ruleset.


Support 60+ languages across dialects and accents, breaking down the language barrier in healthcare for all.

Proven Provenance

Backed by reviewed research literature and clinical documentation to ensure trustworthy generation and vetted sources.

Documentation Intake

Seamlessly integrate prior medical history (200+ pages concurrently) into saved documentation, decreasing intake time 11x.

Quality Validation

Adhere to and improve quality measures by identifying missing information.

EOB Parsing

Extract unstructured data from documents into usable information — from automatically posting scanned paper EOBs to referral request management.

AI-Empowered Workflow

Free up team members by enabling intelligent auditing, extraction, and actions at scale.

Clean Data, Smooth Performance

Specifically designed to clean and processes conflicting, un-sanitized data to synthesize a smooth user experience.

Denial Appeal Copilot

Utilize Copilot's predictive capabilities to craft a meticulously detailed denial appeal, addressing each pertinent point with precision and clarity.

Generate Ambient and Multi-Speaker Medical Documentation with Athelas Scribe


Reduction in documentation time


Chart closing


of providers
report reduction
in fatigue when using Scribe

3+ hours

of continuous recording time

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