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Your notes are ready by the end of each appointment

Speech Recognition

Engineered for a 3+ hour multi-speaker conversational setting, with the most advanced real-time speech recognition technology in the world. Dialects, accents, background noise, no problem.

Tailored Templates

Robust and naturally structured output leading to more complete documentation in your formatting. Scribe can turn recordings into SOAP, Denial Appeal, Prior Authorization, Progress Notes. The adaptive system can import and generate nearly any medical forms, such as PHQ-9, AUDIT-C, GAD-7, PHQ-2, etc.

Coding Recommendations

Generates CPT/ICD-10 codes from notes using fine-tuned LLMs. This returns hours of daily productivity back to staff and ensures under-coding never happens again.

Let AI handle the busy work

Clinical Briefings

Integrated with the EHR to retrieve and synthesize patient information to brief clinical team.


Organizational standard templates and formatting, with customized ruleset that providers can configure to generate their note every time.


60+ Languages support with dialects and accents, breaking down the language barrier in healthcare for all.

Deep integrations with all EHR’s

+20 EHRs
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“If you ask my kids, they would say something like, used to be all the time that you would have notes to do at home, and now you have them done more often than you don’t.”

Todd Schwartz

Hand and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists

You focus on your patients, Scribe will handle the paper work

3+ hours

of continuous recording time


chart closing time


less time spend on documentation


providers report feeling less fatigued working with Scribe

What providers say about Athelas Scribe

Dr.Ozdemir, DO, FACOI, CMD

Elevated Internal Medicine
I just want to tell you that I used scribe yesterday for the first time and it is life changing for my patient encounters, documentation, and work life balance. For the first time in a long time, I left work with my encounters closed AND the software did an even better job of laying out the plan than I usually do. Unbelievable!

Dr. Jackyln Chan, MD

Fairway Children's Medical Group
I have a very special population and so I utilize Scribe primarily with Chinese-speaking patients. The user interface is very easy to use. I don’t have to select any sort of language in order for it to recognize that I’m speaking Mandarin or Cantonese or Spanish, so that has been amazing. I don’t have to reprocess some of that information where I translate things from the Chinese language to the English language — it does that for me. It’s very easy for anybody to pick up.

Matt Kearns, PT, DPT

Brownstone Physical Therapy
Scribe has allowed me to put down my computer and actively listen to my patients without worrying about how I will catch up on documentation. This has elevated the patient experience and my clinical decision process.

Got more questions?

Is this HIPAA compliant?

We are fully HIPPA compliant, built with SOC2 and HITRUST infrastructure. We take patient information and security with utmost importance and do not share information to any 3rd party. We own the entire AI/LLM pipeline ensuring every note that is created is securely stored.

What about chit chat? How does this know to take out non-medical information when my patient is having a conversation with me?

The AI has been trained to understand the context of the conversation and what is medically and non-medical relevant. Based on this we are able to filter out all the information not pertinent for the clinical documentation and re-format the necessary information for your a billing ready note.

How accurate are your transcriptions?

Our transcription Model is 99.4% accurate. The LLM can evaluate entire transcription context so spot errors are effectively eliminated.

How long can this record for?

We can record encounters 3 hours long with a 99.4% transcription accuracy of the conversation.

How do I make edits to my note?

We have a regenerate button that allows you to type or speak your edits that you want to be made. You are able to speak freely in natural language and the note will be regenerated in less than a minute.

What does your timeline for integration look like?

We are integrated with 30+ EHRs, when working with a new EHR implementation will take 60-90 days

How do I bring up to my patients that they're being recorded?

In many cases patient consent is not legally required, 39 states and DC, however we recommend for an optimal patient experience to inform them. As general guidance we recommend letting the patient know that this tooling will help provide better patient care, make your work easier, and lead to a more optimal experience. Consent can be achieved through an intake form.

Your notes are ready by the end of each appointment

Introducing Healthcare’s Premier AI Suite:

Discover how Athelas Scribe can automate documentation at your practice.

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Speech Recognition

Engineered for a 3+ hour multi-speaker conversational setting. Background noise? No problem.

Tailored Templates

Import and generate nearly any medical form, such as PHQ-9, AUDIT-C, GAD-7, and PHQ-2, with robust and naturally structured output leading to more complete documentation. Easily turn recordings into SOAP, Denial Appeal, Prior Authorization, and Progress Notes.

Coding Recommendations

Generate CPT/ICD-10 codes from notes using fine-tuned LLMs, giving hours of daily productivity back to staff and preventing under-coding.

Accessible Anywhere

Use as a web browser companion, as an app on your mobile device, or in EHR systems.

Bottom-Line Results

Decreasing charting time by 90%+ and boost provider productivity by 21%.

Clinical Briefings

Integrate directly with your EHR to retrieve and synthesize patient information to brief the clinical team.


Generate the right note in the right format every time with organizational standard templates and formatting and a configurable and customizable ruleset.


Support 60+ languages across dialects and accents, breaking down the language barrier in healthcare for all.

Proven Provenance

Backed by reviewed research literature and clinical documentation to ensure trustworthy generation and vetted sources.

Documentation Intake

Seamlessly integrate prior medical history (200+ pages concurrently) into saved documentation, decreasing intake time 11x.

Quality Validation

Adhere to and improve quality measures by identifying missing information.

EOB Parsing

Extract unstructured data from documents into usable information — from automatically posting scanned paper EOBs to referral request management.

AI-Empowered Workflow

Free up team members by enabling intelligent auditing, extraction, and actions at scale.

Clean Data, Smooth Performance

Specifically designed to clean and processes conflicting, un-sanitized data to synthesize a smooth user experience.

Denial Appeal Copilot

Utilize Copilot's predictive capabilities to craft a meticulously detailed denial appeal, addressing each pertinent point with precision and clarity.

Generate Ambient and Multi-Speaker Medical Documentation with Athelas Scribe


Reduction in documentation time


Chart closing


of providers
report reduction
in fatigue when using Scribe

3+ hours

of continuous recording time

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