Introducing the Athelas RCM Advisory Council

At Athelas, we succeed when our customers succeed. That’s why we’re committed to infusing the voice of the customer into everything that we do.

In 2024, we brought together the Athelas RCM Advisory Council — our most innovative practices who are committed to the quality and evolution of our technology.

Discover what it looks like to be one of our customer advisors.

Sean Flannagan,
PT, DPT, Cert. SMT, Cert. DIN, MAACP

Founder & CEO

OneAccord Physical Therapy

The thing I enjoy the most about working with Athelas is our weekly meetings with our account manager. [...] It’s always like we’re in sync with where we’re going, and it excites me because Athelas has become a part of our culture, our organization, and our daily workflows.

Raymond Hammel,

CFO & Owner

Buffalo Rehab Group

I would definitely recommend Athelas. I love what they’re building, with a good end-to-end solution for today’s problems but also looking into the future to make sure that it remains highly adaptable, ever improving, and creates value for the investment.

Mark Conte


Nevada Surgical

The human capital that’s working inside Athelas is leaps and bounds more motivated and smarter than all the insurance company tech put together. [...] This is a 50-year-old problem that’s getting disrupted by some of the best minds I’ve ever encountered.

Kimberly Payton, MBA

Administrative Director

Rockland Urgent Care Family Health

The staff at Athelas is very responsive, which is great. I can email or text or call my account manager and he’s on top of it, no matter what time of day it is. [...] Working with Athelas, we are more of a team than a customer of theirs, which is important.

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