RPM: The Best-Kept Secret in Private Practice

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Programs gather remote health data from your patients, enabling preventative health in the home

Join hundreds of doctors using Athelas’ Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program and earn $250k annually
Remotely Monitor BP, Heart Rate, Weight, Medications, Glucose and more.
We handle all the shipping, activation, troubleshooting, and more.
No Device Costs
We handle all the shipping, activation, troubleshooting, and more.
Free Clinical Staff
No extra work for you. Our clinical team monitors patient vitals and escalates issues directly to you.
Predictable Reimbursements
We’ll bill insurance for you and remind your patients to measure. You’ll automatically receive your payouts to your account monthly.

Why Choose Us?

Athelas is the most trusted RPM platform, used by 30,000 patients and over 300 clinics nationally.

We use your EMRs to Identify Patients who may be Good Candidates for Remote Monitoring
We select the appropriate device, and distribute it directly to the patient
We manage patient onboarding and training, as well as offer technical support and device maintenance
Our Team of On-Staff Nurses Monitor Patient Vitals, and Flag Potential Issues
We maximize your reimbursement, earning you on average $400/patient in new annual revenue
Compile and Present Patient Data on a Provider Dashboard

Clinics across the country love Athelas

Athelas Devices

Athelas One
WBC and Neut% for Clozapine
Blood Pressure
SIM-Connected Hypertension Monitoring
SIM-Connected Diabetes Monitoring
Weighing Scale
SIM-Connected Weight Monitoring

How Athelas works

Get started in minutes, not days.


Athelas sends modern, sim-connected devices to your patients and manages all training, adherence, and support.


You see all your patients vitals and get alerted on any trends.


Your reimbursements are automatically deposited in your bank account. Athelas handles all billing operations so there’s no additional work on your part.

What doctors are saying

Kristine Mangini NP, Coastal Ridge Health Services.
Athelas has been a game changer for our practice. Our providers can easily review patient data, and catch subtle changes in their health, leading to earlier care and better outcomes.
- Kristine Mangini NP, Coastal Ridge Health Services.
“I’m a doctor first and a psychiatrist second, so it’s my duty to safeguard my patients’ physical health as well as their mental health - Athelas helps me do just this.”
- Dr. Craig Chepke, MD. Psychiatrist, Excel Psychiatric Associates.