Athelas Total Care Program
Athelas Total Care Program

Track weight

Track blood pressure

Track blood sugar

Dedicated nutritionist support

View readings over time

Patient Health program

TotalCare Program

Our Athelas TotalCare program deploys nurses and scales to patients, offering customized nutrition and dietary plans that improve health and reduce risk of comorbidities.

Track weight

Track blood pressure

Track blood sugar

Track blood pressure

View readings over time

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TotalCare is designed for a practice’s overweight and obese patients to help them lose weight and reduce the chance of associated health risks. We start by sending a SIM-connected scale for daily weigh-ins. The patient is then paired with a nutritionist, who will work with the patient to create a health plan with attainable goals. The nutritionist then checks in with the patient every other week to keep them engaged and hold them accountable.
TotalCare not only monitors your patients, it actively helps them get healthier. In small-scale trials we've observed an average weight loss of about 1.5 lbs/week over 3+ months, with a total of 1500+ lbs lost overall. Patients and physicans can track these metrics in their online portals.
This program is invite-only for now, but will be available for new practices soon.

Happier Patients, Happier Results

Patients on this program generally feel motivated and lose an average of 0.9 lbs per week, with a 98% monthly retention.

Used for

Weight Management

Treatment programs for patients working to reduce their BMI.


Monitor vitals for patients who are moderately to severely overweight.


Keep tabs on important vitals to keep aging patients healthy.

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Kristine Mangini, NP

Athelas has been a game changer for our practice. Our providers can easily review patient data, and catch subtle changes in their health, leading to earlier care and better outcomes.

Dr. Craig Chepke, MD

I’m a doctor first and a psychiatrist second, so it’s my duty to safeguard my patients’ physical health as well as their mental health - Athelas helps me do just this.

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How Athelas Works

We send modern, sim-connected RPM devices to your patients, managing all training, adherence, and support.
Athelas sends modern, sim-connected devices to your patients – managing all training, adherence, and support.
Our Nursing staff reviews all incoming vitals, checking in with patients and alerting you if any readings look concerning.
John Chalmers recorded 120/80 (mmHg) for their blood pressure. This is in-line with previous measurements.
Cynthia James recorded 145 lbs for their weight. This is an increase of 12 lbs from their previous measurement a month ago.
Samantha Jones recorded 132 mg/dL for their blood glucose levels. This is in-line with previous measurements.
We handle 100% of billing operations. Reimbursements are automatically deposited in your bank account with no additional work from your staff.
​​Your reimbursements are automatically deposited in your bank account. Athelas handles all billing operations so there’s no additional work on your part.

End-to-end billing management, from submission to reimbursement

We get it. Billing is painful. That’s why Athelas provides a dedicated team to handle 100% of the RPM billing process.

Now you can take advantage of the CPT codes below without adding to the workloads of your team.

/a year
CPT 99454
RPM devices and services
/a year
CPT 99457
RPM data review and comms
CPT 99453
RPM Setup and patient education
/a year
CPT 99458
Chronic care management / CoCM