Athelas Doctor App

All of our services and products integrate seamlessly with the Athelas Doctor App. This application is used by doctors around the country to get a birds eye view on medical adherence, patient test results, insurance claims history, and more.

The entire applications is HIPAA compliant and uses state-of-the art of encryption to protect personal patient information.

Features and Functionality

Test Results

View all historical test results like Glucose, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Weight, and more in one easy-access table.

Notes & Escalations

View reports written by Athelas certified nurses regarding all your patients in a simple UI. We also highlight escalations for patients you should check in on.

Claims & Documents

See all historical earnings in the Claims tab. We specify which insurance CPT codes were used and which patients we claimed for.

Medical Adherence

Our PillTrack Medical Adherence program keeps track of medication intake and you can see how adherent your patients are to the regimens that you prescribe to them.

Program Enrollment

Enrollment your patients in various Remote Patient Monitoring programs straight through the doctor portal. Two click process.

Patient Lists

View a holistic birds eye view of all your patients, their programs, and their test results.

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