The next generation of care management

Athelas Care Management is an integrated suite of home devices for patients focused on preventative care.
A beautifully integrated suite of devices and software tools
A beautifully integrated suite of devices and software tools
Premium Monitoring Platform

A beautifully integrated suite of devices and software tools

We bring together everything you need to monitor patients via internet-connected smart devices. You'll have access to state-of-the-art technologies and ground breaking AI-powered analysis.

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Athelas has been a game changer for our practice. Our providers can easily review patient data, and catch subtle changes in their health, leading to earlier care and better outcomes.

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[...]I would recommend Lee Side Wellness to anyone who needs a professional that really cares. Also she got me set up with Athelas that monitors my other issues and keeps in touch with me about my results. All in all I am very happy to be involved with this group of professionals.

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The blood pressure device is so simple to use. Very simple clear instructions. I really like how you don't have to go to the doctor and the results are forwarded immediately to him and texted to me. If you have any questions/concerns, you can reach someone  live. No more wondering if your BP is too high or low.

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[...] I don’t have to worry about how meds are affecting my blood pressure, or leave my house, thanks to her use of the Athelas home monitoring program. She has truly made my life easier and more balanced than ever. I’m so thankful my pathway led to her.

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[...] We regularly receive a call from a nurse who follows us step by step, she transmitted the health information she got from that call to Doctor Krause. His program is fantastic, because it avoids so many visits to the doctor and it's worth using this new method of health control and contact with doctors. Thank you dr. Krause.

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Love the at home blood pressure monitoring with direct upload to my doctor. It's so convenient!

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Daina has been great. [...] She also has us using Athelas which I think is great. It’s especially appreciated during uncertain times such as this pandemic.

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3 easy steps

How Athelas Works

We send modern, SIM-connected RPM devices to your patients, managing all training, adherence, and support.
Athelas sends modern, sim-connected devices to your patients – managing all training, adherence, and support.
Athelas Nurses review vitals monthly and receive automatic notifications for out of range readings.
John Chalmers recorded 120/80 (mmHg) for their blood pressure. This is in-line with previous measurements.
Cynthia James recorded 145 lbs for their weight. This is an increase of 12 lbs from their previous measurement a month ago.
Samantha Jones recorded 132 mg/dL for their blood glucose levels. This is in line with previous measurements.
​​We handle 100% of billing operations. Reimbursements are automatically deposited in your bank account.
​​Your reimbursements are automatically deposited in your bank account. Athelas handles all billing operations so there’s no additional work on your part.
Athelas Nursing Team

Our nurses manage the data, so you can focus on treatment

Athelas RPM comes with a dedicated team of nurses licensed in every state, who review every incoming datapoint and escalate to your staff  when a concerning reading is detected.

This makes it easy to incorporate RPM into your daily workflows without creating much additional work for your team.

We handle the data, so you can focus on treatment. Say hello to the Athelas Nurse Program.
Athelas Billing Team

End-to-end billing management, from submission to reimbursement

We get it. Billing is painful. That’s why Athelas provides a dedicated team to handle 100% of the RPM billing process.

Now you can take advantage of the CPT codes below without adding to the workloads of your team.

/per year
CPT 99454
RPM devices and services
/per year
CPT 99457
RPM data review and comms
/per patient
CPT 99453
RPM Setup and patient education
Blood Pressure, Weight, and Glucose

SIM-Connected BP Monitor, Weight Scale, and Glucometer

We deploy BP monitors, scales, and glucometers into patients homes, collecting health data to empower clinical decision making.

SIM-Connected: Easy set-up for patients, no configuration required.
SIM-Connected: Easy setup for patients, no configuration required.
Monitored by Nurses: Each measurement is reviewed by a nurse and escalated if the result is concerning.
Nurse monitoring: Nurses conduct monthly reviews of patients and receive notifications for measurements that are out-of-range.
Preventative - catches issues before they require hospitalization.
Preventative: RPM can catch issues early, before they require hospitalization.
Athelas PillTrack

Monitor medication adherence to help your patients stay on track

Our state of the art PillTrack is deployed into patient homes to deliver easy reminders for when to take medication. Compliance rates are measured and surfaced to you and your staff.

Better Patient Outcomes - Non-Adherence to chronic medications accounts for  50% of treatment failures and 125,000 deaths in the US annually *
Better Patient Outcomes: Non-adherence to  medications accounts for 50% of treatment failures and 125,000 deaths in the US annually. *
Our AI + ML replaces costly hardware with off-the-shelf components to make it easily usable in clinical setting.
Automated Reminders: PillTrack reminds patients to take their medications consistently, significantly boosting adherence and improving outcomes.
Visibility to Drive Interventions - All adherence data is tracked by nurses and surfaced to the doctor when rates are low.
Data Empowers Action: Our nursing team monitors adherence rates and notifies you when they're low, so you can intervene with the patient.
* DiMatteo MR, Giordani PJ, Lepper HS, et al. Patient adherence and medical treatment outcomes: a meta-analysis. Med Care. 2002;40(9):794-811. Learn More
Integrated RPM Program

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