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blood diagnostics made easy.

Get neutrophil and white blood cell count within minutes.
Blood Diagnostics

Athelas Home - the world’s first point of care blood diagnostics device

Our signature product – the Athelas Home – helps clinicians quickly perform blood analysis for their patients on site, in less than 3 minutes.

Seamless In-Home Experience

Seamless Experience

Just 1 drop of blood from a patient is enough to perform lab-quality blood analysis.
Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Machine Learning algorithms replace costly hardware to achieve a dramatically lower price point with equivalent results.
Seamless In-Home Experience


This device has been clinically validated, and is used by thousands of clinics accross the US.
Clinically Validated

Transparency is the backbone of our businesses

At Athelas we take medical validation very seriously. All of our products and services have either gone through or are actively undergoing rigorous clinical validation. We pursue FDA clearances, ensure that all data is stored in compliance with HIPAA standards, and work with institutions around the world to ensure that each of our services excels at every level measured.

“[With Athelas Home], ...WBC and absolute neutrophil counts can be measured with a finger stick drop of blood”
HLS Therapeutics announces Health Canada grants medical device license for White Blood Cell Point-of-Care Device
A Novel Device Suitable for Home Monitoring of White Blood Cell and Neutrophil Counts

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